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About Us

A great restaurant website


Dedicated to all the Grandmothers, mothers,sisters, friends and all the great home chefs out there who have magic in theirhands with which they feed their families. The Annapoorna is for that chef whohas unknowingly  excelled in the profession of cooking and is not evenaware of it.  Giving an opportunity to this chef who is lost somewhere isour priority. This platform is for making one  realize of the art thatstands within the self. Yes he or she is not just a chef, but  “ TheAnnapoorna ” of every home.  After serving at home , The Annapoorna is nowready to serve the nation with AUTHENTIC and TRADITIONAL food  with thesame love and  dedication.


  • Free and Easy registration
  • No worry of delivery
  • Cook what you are best at in your convenient time and take pre orders
  • Earn from your home limitlessly
  • Get likes and Reviews

“Food for us comes from our relatives, whether they have wings or fins or roots. That is how we consider food. Food has a culture. It has ahistory. It has a story. It has relationships.”
-Winona LaDuke


  • Register as a Homechef on The Annapoorna
  • Get your dishes onboard so you can receive orders
  • Choose a day and time slot to serve your home cooked food
  • You will be notified once there is an order placed for your dish
  • Cook and pack your food in food grade container
  • The delivery executive will pick the order at the given time slot for delivery to the customer